Partial Knee Replacement


About Partial Knee Replacement?


Some patients may experience arthritis that damages only one compartment of the knee, leaving the rest of the knee relatively unaffected. Patients with this pattern of arthritis may be suitable for a partial or uni-compartmental knee replacement. This targets only the damaged part of the joint and leaves all the healthy areas alone.

What are the benefits of a Partial Knee Replacement?

The benefits of partial knee replacement include;

  • A quicker recovery time
  • A shorter hospital stay
  • Less blood loss and a greater range of movement when bending and straightening.
  • In addition the main ligaments of the knee are preserved allowing patients a knee that “feels more like their own”.


Next Steps


Speak with your GP or family doctor about your condition and get a referral to see Mr Barnes. Then book an appointment by clicking below or calling our consultation rooms.

What are the risks of a Partial Knee Replacement?


As with any surgery, there are risk factors that need to be considered before deciding to undergo a medical procedure. Be sure to discuss any concerns you may have regarding the potential complications with Mr Barnes. 

  • Infection
  • Blood Clots
  • Continued pain
  • Neurovascular injury – injury to the nerves or blood vessels


Should I have a Partial Knee Replacement?


This question can only be answered once you have a consultation with your surgeon. A thorough examination of the knee needs to be carried out and all benefits and risks taken into consideration. A partial knee replacement does not avoid the onset of arthritis in the joint later on in life and a full knee reconstruction may be necessary.