Quadricep Tendon Reconstruction


About Quadricep Tendon Reconstruction

A Quadricep Tendon Reconstruction is most likely to occur when the quadricep tendon has been torn or partially torn due to a sporting injury. If there is a heavy load on the leg with the foot planted and the knee slightly bent this can cause a tendon injury. To repair the tear the surgeon will reattach the quadricep tendon to the kneecap (patella).



What causes a tear in the Quadricep Tendon?

Many sporting activities can cause a tear in the quadricep, but the most common causes are;

  • the force of landing from a jump (basketball)
  • falls
  • direct force to the knee (football tackle)
  • a cut to the knee

What are the symptoms of a torn Quadricep Tendon?

Many people find that they experience feeling a tearing sensation or hear a ‘popping’ sound when the tendon tears. The area quickly swells and become painful. Other symptoms are;

  • unable to straighten knee
  • an indentation above the kneecap where the tendon has torn
  • bruising
  • tenderness
  • cramping
  • difficulty Walking
Next Steps


Speak with your GP or family doctor about your condition and get a referral to see Mr Barnes.

What are the risks of a Quadricep Tendon Reconstruction?

Mr Barnes will discuss the risks and these should be considered before deciding on a treatment plan. The most common complications associated with a Quadricep Tendon Reconstruction are;

  • weakness and loss of knee motion
  • re-rupture of tendon
  • inconsistent positioning of kneecap
  • infection
  • blood clots

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