Patient Specific Knee Replacement


About Patient Specific Knee Replacement?

Mr Barnes embraces new technologies and the Patient Specific Knee Replacement system incorporates cutting edge technology to determine the best positioning for a patient’s knee implant. The implant positioning is based on how the patient moves during day to day activities and live data which is captured during surgery.

How does it work?

Prior to surgery the patient has X-rays and a CT scan to determine how they use their knee joint in everyday life. During surgery, this new technology captures live data about the knee joint and it’s function. The surgeon uses this information for placement and better alignment of the implant.

Read more about this technology at Robotic Surgery.


Next Steps


Speak with your GP or family doctor about your condition and get a referral to see Mr Barnes.

Will I have a Patient Specific Knee Replacement?


Mr Barnes will conduct a thorough examination of the knee joint and discuss the extent of your discomfort before deciding on any treatment plan. This will include a discussion on whether or not you are a good candidate for a patient specific knee replacement.


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