Patient Specific Hip Replacement


About Patient Specific Hip Replacement


Mr Barnes is always on the forefront of technology. He embraces the changing medical landscape and continually looks to improve patient outcomes. New hip technology Mr Barnes has adopted determines the best positioning of the hip implant and its components, based on how patients move during their day to day activities.

We know everybody moves differently and this should be a consideration when performing hip replacement surgery.





Next Steps


Speak with your GP or family doctor about your condition and get a referral to see Mr Barnes.

At your first consultation Mr Barnes will discuss your treatment options and if a Patient Specific Hip Replacement is best for your condition.

How does it work?


Prior to surgery the patient has four key X-rays taken of the hips. Facing sideways, facing forwards, sitting down and bending forward and one stepping up. This is then followed by a CT Scan. All of this information is then analysed by bio-engineers to establish each patients personalised implant position. My Barnes receives all of the information, along with a customised printed guide and a laser targeted system. This all assists in achieving a personalised position for a hip replacement.


Corin OPS™ Patient Video RoW from Corin Group on Vimeo