Preventing Hip Pain and Injuries After 50

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Life after 50 is often characterised by reduced mobility and multitudes of illnesses and health conditions, including hip pain. While hip pain is a common condition in aging people and injuries are generally unavoidable, this does not have to be your future. You can take certain measures to reduce the risk of hip pain and injuries as you age and live a pain-free life.


Maintain Bone Strength

It is common to lose bone density as you age. While it is a concern for men, it is an even more significant concern for women, especially after menopause. According to statistics, 56% of the women and 18% of men over the age of 50 have reduced bone mineral density, which is characterised by osteoporosis, low bone strength, and an increased risk of fractures. Unfortunately, the hip joint is often the most vulnerable site for fractures due to osteoporosis.


However, you can significantly reduce your risk of hip pain and injuries by regular screening. Bone mineral density scans give an insight into your bones' status and how vulnerable they are to potential hip injuries. As a result, your primary caregiver can take up a proactive approach and suggest treatments for keeping your bones strong and healthy.


Uphold Muscle Strength

Falls are perhaps the most common reason for almost all hip injuries, which you can control. By upholding muscle strength, you can significantly reduce your risk of falls and associated injuries. And the only way to maintain muscle strength and mass is exercise.


Make sure you work out for 30 minutes for at least five days of the week. You can go for a high impact exercise, such as strength training and cardio or go for a more relaxed low-impact walk. In either case, some level of physical activity is essential for maintaining your muscles' strength, which in turn can help prevent hip pain and injuries.


Maintain a Positive Outlook Towards Life

Aging does not have to come with multiple health problems. Even at the age of 70, you can still live a pain-free and independent life if you have a positive outlook towards life. While pain and injuries are often inevitable, with a positive approach to life, you can actually enjoy the aging process.


Eat a Balanced Diet

"You are what you eat," and this is particularly important when it comes to the health of your bones. To reduce your risk of hip pain and injuries, it is best to take up a balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D. Moreover, you need to include minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc, in your diet as these minerals help strengthen your bones.


Bottom Line

While hip pain and injuries are a common condition among people over the age of 50 and are often unavoidable, this does not have to be your future. By living an active and healthy lifestyle, maintaining a positive approach towards life, and eating a balanced diet, you can prevent hip pain and injuries as you get older and continue to enjoy independence and mobility for years to come.