Differences Between a Torn Ligament and a Broken Bone

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Bones and ligaments make one of the most interesting sets of structures that work together for the effective movement of the human body. While bones provide support and structure to your body and also protect several delicate internal organs, ligaments are bands of tissues that help connect the bones and hold the joints in place and work in collaboration with the joints for effective movement.


But what happens when you break a bone? Or do you experience a torn ligament? While both these problems can seriously restrict your movement, there are differences between a torn ligament and a broken bone.


Let’s take a closer look at the differences between a torn ligament and a broken bone to determine what you should do in case you experience either of the two problems.


What is a Torn Ligament?

A ligament tear happens when a joint is twisted or overstretched. Torn ligaments are common sports or repetitive stress injuries, but it can also be a result of accidents or general wear and tear.


Types of Ligament Tear

Ligaments can have mild, partial tears. They can also have a moderate tear, known as a grade 2 tear. Lastly, there is a grade 3 tear that is a complete ligament tear. Grade 3 ligament tear can be as painful as a broken bone.


Treating Ligament Tear

In the case of a ligament tear, the treatment depends on the severity of your injury. For a mild, partial tear, your doctor may recommend first aid, rest, pain-relieving medications, and physical therapy. However, in case of a complete ligament tear, your doctor may recommend surgery followed by rest and physical therapy.


What Happens When A Bone Breaks?

Unlike a torn ligament, a bone brake, also known as fracture, happens when too much force is exerted on the bone. The risk of fracture increases significantly if your bones have lost collagen and calcium phosphate and are weak due to some medical condition, such as osteoporosis. The less dense the bone is, the more is the likelihood of a fracture.


Types of Fractures

Similar to the severity of ligament tears, bone fractures can vary, depending upon the type. Some people may experience minor fractures, while others may have a major fracture. A minor or partial fracture occurs when the bone breaks partially but not completely. The exact point where the bone breaks does not completely separate the bone into two pieces. On the other hand, a complete fracture is when the bone breaks into two or more pieces.


What To Do In Case of a Broken Bone?

The treatment for bone fractures depends upon how severe the fracture is. As soon as you experience a fractured bone, it is best to consult an orthopaedic surgeon who can quickly recommend the treatment for your problem. The quicker you get access to the treatment, the easier and faster will be the recovery process.



A ligament tear is different from a bone fracture, but both conditions can lead to severe pain and discomfort. Therefore, it is critical to get medical assistance as soon as possible. If you experience a broken bone or a torn ligament, get in touch with Matt Barnes and get started with the best possible treatment for your problem. To learn more about Matt Barnes, contact us today.