Good Rehabilitation Exercises After Knee Surgery

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Knee surgery is often recommended to patients suffering from knee pain for a long time or who have recently experienced an injury that has damaged the knee. But following knee surgery, you need regular exercise to restore the strength and mobility to your knee so you can gradually return to a normal life.

Your surgeon and physiotherapist may develop an exercise plan for at least 20 minutes that you will need to repeat two or three times a day. Here are some of the rehabilitation exercises that you need to try. Before you try them at home, make sure you speak to your orthopedic surgeon and physiotherapist to ensure that these exercises are appropriate for you and you are doing them correctly.


Quadriceps Sets

You can try quadriceps sets by laying straight in bed or while sitting in an upright position on your bed or on the ground. Here is what you need to do as you try this exercise.

  • Tighten your thigh muscle.
  • Straighten the knee and hold the position for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Release and repeat this exercise approximately 10-15 times before you rest.
  • Repeat as often as possible.
  • Continue until your thigh muscles feel fatigued, as the workout is intended to strengthen your thigh muscles so they can better support your knees.


Straight Leg Raises

Another exercise to strengthen your thigh muscles to better support your knees is straight leg raises. Here is how you can do this exercise at home following knee surgery. 

  • Straighten your knees while laying on the bed and tighten your thigh muscle.
  • Pull your feet towards your body and lift your leg for several inches above your bed without bending the knees,
  • Hold the position for up to 10 seconds before you slowly lower your leg,
  • Repeat until your thigh muscles feel exhausted as your thigh muscles will be extensively working in this exercise.


You can also try leg raises as you sit on a supported chair. Simply tighten your thigh muscles and hold your knee completely straightened as you lift your leg. Make sure your lower leg is in line with your knee and thighs. Hold the position for up to 10 seconds before you gradually lower your leg.


Knee Straightening Exercises

You can try this exercise while lying in bed. Like the other two rehabilitation exercises, this exercise also intends to strengthen your thigh muscles so they can better support your knee joint following surgery.

  • Place a rolled towel on the bed just below your heel so that itdoes not touch the bed.
  • Tighten your thigh muscles and feel the stretch in your upper leg.
  • Try to straighten your knees completely and push the back of your knee towards the bed.
  • Hold the position for up to 10 seconds and repeat.


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